Block Trading offers you simple and easy to follow strategies that take you through a step by step process to grow your capital and outpace inflation.

I am a Crypto Entrepreneur and Blockchain enthusiast, helping people navigate the Crypto world by growing their portfolio using state-of-the-art Crypto Strategies. My crypto trading journey has been an interesting one, read more below. 


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I was retrenched at the end of October 2020. It was a quick process and I had to finish immediately. Without saying, I was completely caught off-guard, so to speak, as I was on a permanent contract at a mine and that contract is still ongoing. Still don’t understand my retrenchment. The Covid-19 pandemic was given as the reason, but I think it was just “used” as a reason.

Anyway, I knew about BLOCK TRADING’s pre-launch. I signed-up with the pre-launch and didn’t know what to expect at first, as everything was new and in development.

THEN, I received my first Crypto signal and I knew right away that I am in deep water. I knew basic stuff about trading, just enough to at least execute a trade. I needed to learn, and I needed to learn fast.

Made a couple of stupid mistakes, I needed to understand the lingo and terminologies. Forward 6 weeks later and I call myself a PST – Professional Signals Trader, if there is such a thing. With the signals we receive from BLOCK TRADING, I see light at the end of a dark “unemployment tunnel.” The complete program is a must in anybody’s Investment Portfolio. Trading skills sound difficult, but once mastered, nobody can take it away from you. I am honestly not “there yet” but, with the training and courses and support from BLOCK TRADING, I can become self-sustainable in a few months.

This is surely “earn-as-you-learn” on steroids. I am no longer seeking employment. I enjoy being with my beautiful wife every day. I am now always at home and free from the constraints of a job and someone else deciding about how my day must play out. This is freedom, and I am grateful for BLOCK TRADING.

Thank you, BLOCK TRADING, for this amazing program – I made my “employee” salary already. We still have 2 more weeks before the end of the month. You have given me hope! I am a PST with BLOCK TRADING and a BIG FAN of your service!

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“Working alongside Blocktrading to achieve your goals is easy, you have all the support needed , training made easy for you to empower yourself. Yes making money is heaps of fun, but having a company that provides a sustainable future is priceless” – Muller

“Working with Blocktrading, I have found they have great vision. They keep things simple, uncomplicated and I know that they prioritize my best interests. – Wyedun

Thank you Blocktrading for the insightful Crypto course. As a first-timer venturing into this space, this course covers all the basics of understanding the online dynamics the relevant analysis techniques. Kudos to Blocktrading for making the sessions easily understandable. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of becoming a Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneur and trading Crypto. – Elca

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