The way we communicate, interact, and transact in the world has changed.

We are living in a time where everyone and everything is connected. There has never been such disruption in the world of finance, and with the disruption comes the opportunity.

Block Trading is at the forefront of alternative investment solutions. Our aim is to help and assist our subscribers to take hold of the current and upcoming opportunities that exists within the Cryptocurrency market.

Through years of industry experience and continuous development and research, our team of analysts and traders offer insights to the Cryptocurrency market which allows our subscribers to make well-informed decisions and ultimately achieve the best results when trading and invested in Cryptocurrency.


NDip (Civil), Btech (Urban Engineering), PDBA (MBA) – PT (ECSA)

Chris took the road less travelled to the financial markets by transitioning from Structural Engineering after 8 years in the industry. With hindsight, the years of analytical thinking, problem-solving and precision required in his tenure as an Engineer was the common denominator which paved his road to success in making money trading the financial markets. Fascinated by fundamental information and technical analysis, Chris believes his purpose in life is to seek and find meaningful correlations in the financial markets which could be capitalised on. Quantitative data analysis is his happy place.


BCom. Economics (Honours); BCom. Accounting (Honours); CA (SA)

Early on in JP’s career he realised his love for business and entrepreneurship, and he pursued it from the get-go. Not to be confined by the paradigm that the only way to make it in business is climbing that corporate ladder, JP did it through passion, determination and sometimes some youthful exuberance. When it comes to trading and running a business, JP is as meticulous as his golf swing. JP is a technical trader with an analytical approach to the market which allows him to boast with a very dominant trading record. Nothing excites JP more than seeing his analysis play out to perfection.